Samsung's Galaxy S24 Series Set to Unveil 7-Year Software Support,  Free AI Features Until 2025

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series is poised to make its grand debut on January 17, promising a significant leap forward from its predecessors in the flagship Galaxy lineup by placing a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI).

However, the advancements don't end there, as Samsung may introduce a groundbreaking shift in software support, potentially rivaling its primary competitor, the Google Pixel series.

According to an exclusive report from Android Headlines, Samsung is contemplating offering an unprecedented seven years of software support for the upcoming Galaxy flagships.

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The specifics regarding whether this support encompasses security patches exclusively or extends to full Android and One UI updates remain unclear.

Nevertheless, if the latter is true, it could signal a pivotal change in the Android ecosystem, potentially influencing other smartphone manufacturers to adopt a similar approach.

This strategic move comes in the wake of Google's announcement last October, where it committed to providing seven years of software and security updates for the Pixel 8 series.

The burning question now revolves around whether this extended software support will also encompass Samsung's prior flagships, including the Galaxy S23 series and the Galaxy Z Fold 5/Z Flip 5.

As observed by SamMobile, Samsung might be inclined to include its 2023 flagships in this initiative, drawing parallels to its decision to extend the number of Android and One UI upgrades from three to four for the Galaxy S21.

In addition to the extended software support, an intriguing revelation from the Android Headlines report suggests that Samsung may offer Galaxy AI features at no cost until at least 2025.