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AWES Scholarship

AWES Scholarship 2024 is specifically designed to support the education of individuals with a military background. This opportunity is exclusively open to children of army officers who are below the age of 25. Interested applicants can access the official portal dedicated to providing essential details about this scholarship. Individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply for financial assistance through this program.

AWES Scholarship: Overview

Scholarship NameAWES Scholarship
Eligibility CriteriaChildren of army officers below the age of 25
Application ProcessOnline application through the official portal of the Army Welfare Society
Financial AssistanceRanges from ₹1500 to ₹10,000 per annum, depending on education level
Target RecipientsIndividuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds
Administering BodyArmy Welfare Education Society (AWES)
Established Year1978
Motivational AspectEncourages exploration of diverse educational fields
Application DeadlineCheck official website for specified deadline
Application OptionsOnline submission and offline application
Disbursement MethodFinancial assistance directly into recipients’ bank accounts
Additional InformationDetailed eligibility criteria available on the official website

Note: Applicants are encouraged to refer to the official website for comprehensive details and updates regarding the AWES Scholarship 2024.

AWES Scholarship 2024

Administered by the Army Welfare Education Society in India, the AWES Scholarship aims to create educational opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The significance of this scholarship lies in its provision of educational support to those from military backgrounds facing financial constraints. Applicants who, despite their strong background, encounter difficulties in pursuing education can benefit from financial assistance. The application form is available on the official portal of the Army Welfare Society. This scholarship not only aids individuals from army backgrounds but also serves as a source of motivation for them to explore various educational avenues in India or abroad. Interested individuals can conveniently submit the online application form, and financial assistance will be directly disbursed into their bank accounts.

About ESSA

The Army Welfare Education Society, established in 1978, is dedicated to providing opportunities to individuals from military backgrounds. With the goal of meeting the financial needs of such individuals, the organization offers motivation and financial rewards to the children of army officers through the AWES Scholarship. The application process is user-friendly, allowing students to apply offline or by visiting the official website of the Army Welfare Education Society. To be considered for this prestigious scholarship, students should adhere to the eligibility criteria outlined on the official website. It is crucial to submit the application before the specified deadline to secure financial assistance.

AWES Scholarship Important Date

  • Applications must be based on the declared results of the immediate preceding academic year, falling within the period from the 1st of October of the preceding year to the 30th of September of the current year.
  • The deadline for the receipt of applications is the 30th of November.

AWES Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The determination of eligibility criteria for the Army Welfare Education Scholarship (AWES) is vital for prospective applicants seeking educational support for Army Personnel. It is imperative for candidates to carefully review the AWES Education Scholarship Scheme requirements to prevent any potential rejection in later stages. The eligibility criteria are outlined as follows:

  • The applicants intending to apply must be enrolled in class 9th or any postgraduate level.
  • The candidate should not exceed 25 years of age at the time of class or course completion.
  • It is mandatory for the candidate to be a ward of a serving Army Personnel or MNS.
  • Wards of territorial or deceased army officials are not deemed eligible for the ESSA Scholarship.

Documentation Checklist for AWES Education Scholarship Scheme for Army Personnel:

To complete the application process for the AWES Education Scholarship Scheme for Army Personnel, students are required to submit the following documents along with their application form:

  1. Photocopies of marksheets from all semesters, duly signed by the principal or Head of Department (HOD).
  2. Passport-size photographs to be included as part of the application.
  3. Aadhar card, serving as a proof of identity.
  4. Address proof to confirm the residential details of the applicant.
  5. Identification card, establishing the applicant’s identity.

AWES Scholarship Amount

The scholarship awards under the ESSA vary, with amounts ranging from ₹1500 to ₹10,000 per year, depending on the educational level achieved.

ClassScholarship Per Annum (₹)
Class 9 and Class 111,500
Class 10 and Class 123,000

AWES Education Scholarship: Selection Procedure

  • The percentage of marks will be calculated based on all subjects taken by the student in their class, rather than relying on the best four/five subjects.
  • The cut-off percentages/grades for receiving applications in various classes and categories are as follows:
IX to XII908585
PG/Professional Courses757560

AWES Education Scholarship Scheme: Benefits

  • Eligible applicants will receive marriage certificates.
  • Financial assistance is provided to support students in completing their education in India.
  • Students from class 9th onwards can apply, and those selected will receive up to Rs 1500.
  • Army brats from any location can apply without incurring any extra cost.
  • The program offers motivation and opportunities for students to study in various Indian universities.
  • Selected candidates will receive a certificate and a cash prize based on their education level:
    • For class 9th to 12th: Rs 1500 per annum.
    • For graduation level: Rs 2500 per annum.
    • For professional or postgraduate courses: Rs 6000 per annum.
  • The scholarship amount will be disbursed through cheques/NEFT based on the provided bank details and address in the application form.

AWES Scholarship Apply Process

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click on the ‘New User Registration’ button to initiate the application process.
  • Fill in the necessary details and complete the registration process.
  • After successful registration, candidates are advised to check their email ID and mobile number for login details.
  • Proceed by clicking on the ‘Existing User Login’ button.
  • Log in using the provided credentials.
  • Upon logging in, applicants should provide the required information and upload the necessary documents.
  • Save and submit the completed application form for future reference.

General Instructions for the Education Scholarship Scheme for Army Personnel (ESSA):

  • Accuracy in Details: Applicants are urged to ensure that the information provided in the online application, including the candidate’s name, school, category, date of birth, and percentage of marks, aligns with the details presented in the supporting documents. No modifications will be permitted post-submission, emphasizing the importance of careful and accurate data entry.
  • Calculation of Marks: The percentage of marks will be computed based on all subjects chosen by the student in their class. The scholarship award will not be determined by the best four or five subjects.
  • Document Submission: Applicants should upload photocopies of the mark sheets obtained from schools, encompassing both semesters of the college years. Results from supplementary or six-month exams will not be considered for the application process.
  • Active Contact Information: The email address and mobile numbers provided in the application form should remain active until the scholarship disbursement date, which is March 31, 2024.
  • Bank Details Alignment: The name of the bank, account holder, account number, and IFSC code must match either the applicant’s or the applicant’s parents’ details. It should be consistent with the information provided on the uploaded cancelled cheque; any discrepancies may result in application rejection.
  • Single Application Submission: Each candidate is required to submit only one application. Multiple applications from the same applicant will lead to automatic rejection.

AWES Education Scholarship Login: Step-by-Step Gude

  • Start by navigating to the official website of the scholarship scheme. You can do this by clicking on the provided link, which will direct you to the home page.
  • Once you are on the home page, look for and click on the ‘Existing User Login’ option. This step is essential for individuals who have previously registered on the platform.
  • In the ‘Existing User Login‘ section, you will be required to input two key pieces of information: your registered mobile number and password. This ensures secure access to your account.
  • After entering your mobile number and password, proceed to enter the verification code provided. This additional layer of security helps safeguard your account.
  • With the necessary details provided, click on the login button to gain access to your personal dashboard. Here, you can explore and manage various aspects of your AWES Education Scholarship Scheme account effectively.

AWES Scholarship Status: Step-by-Step Guide to Check Application Status

  • Begin the process by accessing the official website of the scholarship scheme. You can do this by clicking on the provided link, which will redirect you to the home page.
  • Once you are on the home page, take note of the various options available. Specifically, look for and select the ‘Track Application Status‘ option to proceed.
  • Under the ‘Track Application Status’ section, you will find an interface designed for checking the progress of your application. This step is crucial for applicants eager to stay informed about the status of their submission.
  • To access your application status, you will need to enter two key pieces of information: your unique Application ID and the provided verification code. This ensures secure and personalised access to your application details.
  • Once you have entered the required details, click on the ‘Submit‘ button to initiate the process of tracking your application status. This will provide you with real-time updates on the current status of your AWES Education Scholarship Scheme application

ESSA Scholarship: FAQs

Who is eligible for the AWES Scholarship?

The scholarship is exclusively available for children of army officers who are below the age of 25.

How can I apply for the AWES Scholarship?

Interested applicants can apply online by visiting the official portal of the Army Welfare Society. The application form is available for submission on the website.

Can individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds apply for the scholarship?

Yes, individuals from economically backward sections of society are encouraged to apply for the AWES Scholarship to receive financial assistance.

What is the importance of the AWES Scholarship?

The scholarship is crucial for individuals with a military background who lack proper financial opportunities to continue their education. It not only provides financial support but also motivates individuals to explore various educational fields in India or abroad.

How is the financial assistance provided by the AWES Scholarship?

Financial assistance is disbursed directly into the bank accounts of the scholarship recipients.

What is the role of the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) in this scholarship?

AWES, established in 1978, created the scholarship to provide educational opportunities and cover the financial requirements of individuals from army backgrounds.

Can I apply for the AWES Scholarship offline?

Yes, applicants have the option to apply for the scholarship offline in addition to the online application process.

What are the eligibility criteria for the AWES Scholarship?

To be selected for the prestigious scholarship, students should follow the eligibility criteria mentioned on the official website.

When is the last date to apply for the AWES Scholarship?

Applicants are advised to apply before the specified deadline to secure their financial assistance. It is crucial to check the official website for the last date.

How is the AWES Scholarship designed to benefit individuals from army backgrounds?

The scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to those who face challenges in pursuing education despite having a strong military background. It also serves as a motivational tool for exploring diverse educational avenues in India and abroad.

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